Beer Milkshake

Here’s a recipe for Beer Milkshakes kindly sent to me by Alex Hearl (alex.hearl (at)

You Need

  • 1 Food Blender (the bigger the better – you can make more with a larger one)
  • The desired quantity of beer (2-4 Pints is good)
  • Milk, equal to half the amount of beer
  • 2 scoops of **PLAIN** ice cream per pint of beer (N.B. Make sure it IS plain, other wise it will taste of Vanilla or chocolate or something)


Chuck all the ingredients into a food blender and mix on full power until a thick paste (usually about 3/4 minutes). Then pour in to a glass and drink (unless you’re working class in which case, drink from blender).


For a novelty, try your hand at making a beer flavour ice cream (look for ice cream recipes from top chefs, e.g. Delilah Smith has a good one and use beer and the flavouring N.B. always use about twice as much flavouring as she says.)

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