Angel Season 2 Episode 11 Redefinition

Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn leave the hotel after being fired by Angel. They are angry, disappointed and confused. Alone in the hotel, Angel burns his drawings of Darla. Angel is training, getting ready to fight. At Wolfram and Hart Lindsey and Lilah have survived.

Wesley tells Virginia that Angel fired everyone and she tries to encourage him by asking what else he can do. He replies “not much”.

Angel completes his training, believing that he is ready. He leaves the hotel via the sewers. Lilah believes that she and Lindsey are to be made scapegoats for the massacre. When they get to Lindsey’s office, Darla and Drusilla are waiting for them. They were left alive because Darla wants to use one of them, whichever of them is promoted and not made into a dead scapegoat, and share in their power.

Angel slays four vampires as practice for his fight. Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia all go to The Host’s bar planning to sing and find out their fates.

Angel interrogates an informant into telling him where Darla and Drusilla are holding auditions for demons to work for them. Darla invites any demons who think they are tough enough to their auditions. Angel infiltrates the meeting. Drusilla senses him there and almost ruins Darla’s speech. Now he has seen Darla again, Angel is having doubts about fighting her.

Lilah is worried about being the scapegoat. She tries, and fails, to frame Lindsey so that he takes the blame.

Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn are all drunk at The Host’s bar and they are busy accusing and insulting each other. They sing Queen’s “We Are The Champions” VERY badly. At the end of the night Cordelia has a vision of a girl being attacked by a demon in a nearby alley. They leave the bar to help.

Angel leaves the hotel for the factory where the auditions will be. Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn track the demon, save the girl and, barely, kill the demon without being killed themselves.

Angel arrives at the factory before Darla and Drusilla. He kills all the demons who were waiting there and sets his trap. Darla and Drusilla arrive and find the demons dead and Angel waiting for them. He lights the pool of petrol they are standing in, setting them on fire. He leaves.

They manage to extinguish the flames by smashing a fire hydrant, but they are badly burnt. Lindsey and Lilah are promoted, despite their failures, to joint acting co-vice presidents of special projects.

Wesley tells Angel that they are keeping the agency open with, or without, him.

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