Angel Season 2 Episode 12 Blood Money

Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia are bored and at Cordelia’s apartment. Cordelia has a vision of a two headed, fire breathing demon beneath a school, Wesley and Gunn go after it. Angel bumps into Anne, whom Buffy met when she ran away from Sunnydale after killing Angel, in a street and steals her wallet.

She runs a shelter for homeless teenagers and he has been following her because she is connected to Wolfram and Hart. Wesley and Gunn find the demon then run away from it.

Angel’s informant tells him that the shelter is legitimate, despite a prior connection to Wolfram and Hart. Angel donates some of Cordelia’s clothes, which she left at the office, to the shelter. Anne gives him a tour of the shelter and tells him that Wolfram and Hart have been helping the shelter without any, apparent, underhand motives.

Angel’s informant is visited by a demon who claims to have unfinished business with Angel and wants information about him and his activities. Angel visits Lilah to congratulate her on her promotion and generally harass her.

The demon, Boone, visits Lindsey’s office and tells him, and Lilah, of his grudge against Angel. Lindsey wants Angel dead, but Lilah doesn’t.

Wesley and Gunn lie through their teeth to Cordelia and claim they killed the fire breathing demon. She takes them to the office she has found for their new agency and they argue about the agency’s name.

Lilah visits Angel’s informant and, with two thugs, convinces him to tell her that he has been watching Anne. Angel tells Anne that he has been watching her and that Wolfram and Hart will steal most of the fundraising money.

Lindsey arrives with Boone. Boone and Angel fight. Angel is loosing and leaves. Anne tells Lindsey of Angel’s claims. Lindsey and Lilah talk. They were planning to steal two million dollars from the fundraiser and Lindsey accuses Lilah of letting Angel find proof of their plans.

Angel returns to the shelter and tries to talk Anne into helping him uncover Wolfram and Hart. She refuses, as five percent of two million dollars is a lot of money for the shelter.

The fundraiser appears to be going well. Angel gets past the extra security and is met by Boone. They fake fight as a distraction while Anne plays a videotape which Lilah and Lindsey believe has proof of their planned theft. They try to stop it playing.

But, it plays and the only thing on it are scenes of Wesley and Cordelia “acting”. While they are distracted, Boone (who was part of Angel’s plan) takes the money.

Lilah and Lindsey are reprimanded by their boss for their failure and their unauthorised attempt to kill Angel. Their boss tells them that Angel will play a major role in the Apocalypse and is not expendable, but they are.

Boone returns to the hotel with the money, two and a half million dollars. He needs to know if he could beat Angel in a fight, so they fight for the money. Angel wins and takes all the money to Anne.

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