Angel Season 2 Episode 13 Happy Anniversary

Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn are trying to continue Angel Investigations without Angel. Alone in the hotel, Angel gets a visit from the Caritas Host who tells him the world is going to end Thursday (tomorrow) night.

A student was in his bar singing and when he read his future he did not have one and neither did anyone else. The man is working on how to freeze and preserve an instant of time.

Angel and the Caritas Host are checking the karaoke bars for the student. The student, Gene’s, first experiment fails, but after he leaves the lab 2 demons alter his equations.

Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn are depressed until they get their first case.

Gene, returns to the lab, sees the altered equation, re-runs the experiment and it works. Gene overhears his girlfriend saying that she does not believe their relationship will work out and she’s going to break up with him on their first anniversary on Thursday night.

Angel and the Caritas Host have traced Gene when Angel is attacked by one of the demons from the lab. They get to the lab, but Gene and his equipment have gone: he plans to freeze time so that his girlfriend does not split up with him.

But, the demons want to freeze time for the whole world. On the way to Gene’s apartment they are attacked by more demons.

Meanwhile, Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn are solving their case with Wesley doing a Sherlock Holmes impression. Angel gets to Gene’s apartment just in time to stop time being frozen.

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