Angel Season 2 Episode 14 The Thin Dead Line

Angel is alone at the, now empty, hotel. Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn are at their new office when a new case walks in the door. Stephanie and her mother. Stephanie was bitten the previous night and woke up with an eye in the back of her head.

A man and a woman are being followed and seek help at a shelter. Anne, who runs the shelter, lets them in. At the refuge the man, Kenny, tells Anne that they were attacked without reason by a police officer.

Anne goes to Gunn for help. Gunn goes back to the shelter with Anne. Angel is watching them. The teenagers at the shelter tell Gunn what has been happening.

Outside, Angel has been watching the shelter, but when he starts to leave he is attacked by a police officer. The officer is inhumanly strong and Angel has to decapitate him to stop him. He carries on talking for a few seconds after being decapitated.

Gunn calls in a couple of his old friends to help track the police officers. Angel goes to see Kate, who checks the officer’s badge number. The badge belonged to an officer who has been dead for six months.

Angel and Kate go to the graveyard where the officer was buried. Angel believes that someone is reanimating the officers as zombies.

Gunn has just got the attention of a police officer when Wesley turns up. The officer shoots Wesley. They shoot the officer, but it is not enough to kill him and he calls for backup.

The ambulance arrives for Wesley, but they are stopped and shot at by other police officers. Gunn gets them back to the shelter, but the police have followed them.

It appears that the local police captain is behind the zombies. Angel “interviews” him. Meanwhile, the zombie officers are attacking the shelter.

Angel destroys the statue that the captain is using to control the zombies, just as they break into the shelter.

Cordelia and Gunn, finally, get Wesley to the hospital. Angel goes to the hospital to check how Wesley is. But, he ends up being confronted by Cordelia, who tells him to stay away.

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