Angel Season 2 Episode 15 Reprise

Angel finds two men who have been paid by Wolfram and Hart to perform a ritual sacrifice, which must be performed before midnight. He destroys their equipment to prevent it taking place.

Cordelia, Wesley (who is in a wheelchair) and Gunn have cured Stephanie of her third eye. But, her father refuses to pay them as demons don’t exist and the whole thing was obviously a con trick.

At Wolfram and Hart Lindsey and Lilah are worried that they are going to fail their review (on Friday), due to all of their failures.

Angel asks Kate for help tracking the increasing number of dark rituals and sacrifices. But she is on desk duty until an Internal Affairs heading (on Friday) for a formal complaint from the police captain in the previous episode, who Angel attacked.

Darla is staying at Lindsey’s apartment and he is looking after her. She looks at the review paperwork, it is a 75 year review.

Angel goes to see The Host, who’s bar is full of Wolfram and Hart lawyers, tells him that the reviewer is evil, a senior partner and a demon.

Angel takes a book from Wesley and Cordelia’s office. Wesley stands up during the confrontation, but his wound starts bleeding again and he has to go to hospital for more stitches.

At the Internal Affairs hearing Kate can’t offer a defence and is sacked. Virginia breaks up with Wesley because of the dangers of his work.

Angel sees a man from the hotel, when it still was a hotel, who tells him that the demon will use a ring to move from “the home office” to this world and back. Angel plans to kill the demon, take the ring, travel to “the home office” (a.k.a. Hell) and destroy everything there.

The man is about to give him the glove he needs to kill the demon when Darla kills the man and steals the glove. Angel gatecrashes Wolfram and Hart’s meeting.

Cordelia is called to Stephanie’s house to collect their payment, but a demon is there and has forced her mother to make the call.

At the meeting Angel exposes Darla as a vampire and takes the glove from her, just as the demon appears. He kills the demon and takes the ring.

He travels to “the home office” to find that he was already there. This world. The evil in people is what makes them people and not angels.

Kate takes an overdose. When Angel arrives back at the hotel, Darla is there. They make love. He wakes up in the middle of the night. [As he did before…]

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