Angel Season 2 Episode 16 Epiphany

Angel wakes up and crawls outside, as before… Darla is happy that Angelus is back, but Angel tells her that she saved him and he is sorry he could not do the same for her. Angelus is not back, Angel still has a soul and his is back to his “normal” self.

Angel remembers Kate’s answering machine message and rushes to her apartment. He finds her unconscious, revives her and she tells him to get out.

Lindsey returns to his apartment, Darla is there and he tells her that Wolfram and Hart want her staked on sight.

Angel goes to The Host for advice on what he should do and how. The Host tells him that Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn are in danger.

Cordelia arrives at Stephanie’s parents house to find the door open. She finds them, dead, and has a vision of herself being attacked by the demons that killed them. The demons are after Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn because they killed the demon’s spawn when they removed the third eye from Stephanie’s head. The demons impregnate a human host and their young grow inside the host’s head until it is fully grown.

Angel arrives at Wesley’s apartment in time to save him from two of the demons. Angel and Wesley drive to the office, the reunion is less than easy.

When the demons learn that two of them have been killed, they impregnate Cordelia. At the office Wesley is lecturing Angel when Gunn arrives.

They find Stephanie’s parents address on Cordelia’s message pad and leave for the house. On the way, they are attacked by more of the demons. Angel stays to fight them while Wesley and Gunn go on to the house.

But, the demons run away and Lindsey runs Angel over, before attacking him with a sledgehammer. Lindsey wants to know what happened between Angel and Darla. Angel recovers before Lindsey can stake him.

Wesley and Gunn are caught by the demons when they try and sneak in through the back door. Angel arrives in time to kill the demons while Wesley cures Cordelia.

Lindsey arrives back at his apartment to find Darla gone. Kate talks to Angel and during the conversation they realise that Angel was never invited into her apartment, but was “allowed” in anyway.

Angel goes to the office, apologises and asks Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn if he can work for them. They accept.

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