Angel Season 2 Episode 17 Disharmony

Angel is, now, working for the others and making their coffee. They are working from the hotel again, but things are still strained and Cordelia tells Angel that they are not friends. Cordelia has a vision and Wesley, Gunn and Angel leave.

Cordelia is about to go home when Harmony arrives. Cordelia does not know that Harmony is a vampire. She invites Harmony to stay with her.

The others arrive at the scene of the attack in time to save one woman from a cloaked vampire, whom Angel stakes. But, he was wearing different colour robes than the ones Cordelia saw.

Cordelia and Harmony are talking about old times when Harmony gets hungry, so Cordelia orders pizza. In the night Harmony sneaks into Cordelia’s bedroom, planning to drink her. But, Cordelia’s ghost slams the door, waking her up. Harmony tries to explain what she is, but so badly that Cordelia thinks that Harmony is gay.

The next morning Cordelia telephones Willow, who explains that Harmony is a vampire. Cordelia responds “all this time I thought she was a great big lesbo” at which point Willow updates her on certain events at Sunnydale!

Willow calls Angel. He and Wesley go to save Cordelia. When they get there, Harmony is painting Cordelia’s toenails. Cordelia refuses to let them kill Harmony.

Harmony is being herself at the office and Wesley wants to stake her. Gunn arrives with news that someone has been building an army of vampires for the last month.

A vampire MLM/Pyramid salesman, Doug Sanders, is giving presentations on how to be the best vampire. To buy in to the scheme, each new vampire has to turn two humans and bring one for the “food bank”.

Cordelia takes Harmony to sing karaoke. The Host tells Harmony that he can’t help her, as Cordelia is her guide. The whole gang, including Harmony, start looking for the Cult’s headquarters.

Angel warns Cordelia that Harmony will turn on her and Cordelia points out that he did too. Harmony goes into the headquarters, undercover, as she is not known in LA. But, she is converted to the cult and leads the others into a trap.

In the ensuing fight, Angel kills the cult leader and Cordelia lets Harmony go, as long as she leaves LA.

Wesley and Gunn free the humans trapped in the “food bank”. Angel buys Cordelia a wardrobe of new clothes, she is ecstatic and appears to forgive him.

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