Angel Season 2 Episode 18 Dead End

Lindsey is getting ready for work and we see his pre-tied ties and a guitar he can no longer play, due to Angel cutting off his hand.

A man, Joseph Kramer, getting ready for work stabs himself in the eye with a kitchen knife. Cordelia sees him in a disturbing vision.

At Wolfram and Hart, Lindsey and Lilah’s division is due for review on Friday. Lilah believes that one of them will be promoted and the other “cut”.

The gang start looking for the man. Lindsey’s boss sends him for a hand transplant, with a demon assisting in the operating theatre.

The gang can’t find the man and Cordelia has to re-view the vision in an attempt to get more information. The next morning Lindsey wakes up at home with his new hand and plays his guitar again.

Lilah believes that Lindsey has got the promotion since the company paid for his operation. Later, in a meeting, his hand begins writing on it’s own, it writes the word “kill” repeatedly. He goes home and tries to write normally with his hand, but he can’t.

Cordelia realises that before Joseph stabbed himself, he was happy, with his new eye. Wesley and Gunn identify Joseph, but he and his family have disappeared. Lindsey is singing karaoke, as Angel arrives to do the same. The general opinion is that Lindsey is a good singer and Angel is not.

The Host tells Lindsey that he should team up with Angel as they are working on the same case, neither find the idea appealing. Lindsey breaks into his boss’s office and goes through his files.

Angel finds the original owner of Lindsey’s new hand, a Wolfram and Hart ex-employee who was recently released from jail.

Lilah is also, secretly, going through files after hours. Lindsey and Angel both go, separately, to question the ex-employee’s parole officer.

Cordelia’s vision hangovers, as Gunn describes them, are getting worse. Forced to work together, Angel and Lindsey break into the false office where people are being taken as body part donors.

They find several people stored in a room underneath the office. Lindsey find the original owner of his hand, who asks to be killed. Angel rescues the people who have not had body parts removed yet. They blow up the room and the offices.

At the review meeting Lindsey tells them to promote Lilah instead of him and he quits. Lilah is promoted. Lindsey is leaving LA and Angel tells him not to come back.

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