Angel Season 2 Episode 19 Belonging

The gang are eating out at a restaurant to celebrate Cordelia getting an acting job in a national advert. Wesley and Gunn are discussing what weapons to use against a demon they are going to kill the next day and Cordelia gets food poisoning.

The next day, Wesley rings his father to say happy birthday, but his father ends up depressing Wesley.

Angel goes to the film set to ask Cordelia a question. The, indoor, set is a sunny beach and Angel stands in the “sunlight” for a while before Cordelia sees him.

Wesley and Gunn are at the hotel discussing how to kill the demon when two of Gunn’s friends arrive asking for his help. But, before he can go with them, Angel arrives with the demon’s location so Gunn goes with Angel and Wesley instead.

At the karaoke bar the Host is singing when a portal opens on the stage and a Draken demon comes through it.

Cordelia’s advert, for suntan lotion, does not go well. Angel and Wesley arrive back at the hotel after killing the demon, the first one, and find Cordelia there.

Cordelia is less enthusiastic about acting now. Gunn has gone to help his friends. The Host arrives at the hotel to hire them to kill the Draken.

Cordelia has a vision of a woman in the public library and a portal behind her. They leave for the library, taking the unwilling Host with them.

One of Gunn’s friends has been killed by a vampire. The gang discover that the woman in the library disappeared five years ago. Cordelia finds the book the woman was reading at the time and reads from it herself, which opens a portal.

A demon comes through the portal, which leads to the Host’s home dimension. He and the Host know each other. (We also find out that the Host’s name is Lorne, but he does not use it because he is green!)

The demon is the Host’s cousin and the Host left his world in shame. The Host’s cousin volunteers to help them track and kill the Draken demon.

Gunn is building a pyre for his friend. The rest of the gang track the Draken. Angel and the Host’s cousin attack it. The Host’s cousin is bitten and poisoned by it, leaving Wesley and Angel to hunt. Angel kills the Draken.

All of Gunn’s old gang are at the funeral of his friend. At the karaoke bar the Host’s cousin reads from the book to open a portal back to his dimension. It opens and takes him. It also takes Cordelia.

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