Angel Season 2 Episode 20 Over The Rainbow

In The Host’s dimension, Cordelia is spotted by a hellbeast. Angel attempts to re-open the portal to go after Cordelia, but it doesn’t work. The Host warns Angel and Wesley that they should not go to his world looking like humans.

The hellbeast captures Cordelia for it’s master, who congratulates it on finding a “cow” which he can sell at the market.

Wesley discovers that they need to find a new portal as the ones that have been used are temporarily low on energy. Gunn decides to stay with his gang rather than go with the others. The Host also refuses to go.

Cordelia is sold at the market despite her protests of being an American and having rights! The Host asks a friend for help in finding a new portal, but she will only help if he agrees to go with the others.

Two lawyers from Wolfram and Hart arrive at the hotel to appraise it, Wolfram and Hart want to buy the hotel when Angels lease expires in 6 months.

Cordelia is put to work mucking out the stables and starts talking to another slave, who turns out to be a run away. Cordelia has a vision and is denounced as being cursed.

Just before they go through the portal Gunn arrives, having re-considered. Angel drives through the portal, but the book (which is their way home) does not go through with them. They arrive safely on The Host’s world, in the daylight and it doesn’t set Angel on fire.

Cordelia is to be “tested” to determine if she is cursed, not unlike a medieval witch trial.

The gang finish hiding the car and start walking to the town when they realise they no longer have the book to get them home.

Cordelia is found guilty of being cursed. The Host takes the gang to the home of his childhood friend. But, instead of a friendly welcome, they are chased and surrounded by a mob lead by The Host’s friend. They fight, but they loose and are captured.

The Host is taken away for interrogation and the others are to be held in a dungeon until their sentence is passed. Angel, Wesley and Gunn are taken to be sentenced at the castle where they are re-united with The Host.

They are taken to the monarch to be sentenced and make another failed escape attempt. They see the monarch. It is Cordelia.

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