Angel Season 2 Episode 21 Through The Looking Glass

Cordelia, now the monarch, orders “off with their heads”, quickly followed by “only kidding”.

The Host explains that there is a prophecy of a messiah coming to his people with a link to “the powers that be” who will restore the monarchy. That is why the priests made Cordelia a princess.

In this dimension Angel casts a reflection in a mirror and he is worried about his hair! Wesley sends Angel and The Host to The Host’s family in search of a portal.

The priests intend for Cordelia to undergo a ritual, which will probably kill her. If she survives it, the priests will kill her.

The Host meets his family and his mother is not happy to see him. Angel is welcomed as a great warrior by The Host’s cousin because he killed the Draken and saved the cousin’s life in [S2-19 Belonging].

Wesley is attempting to translate the priest’s books to find out how to open a portal. He arranges the books in order and the covers have images on them: a Wolf, a Ram and a Hart.

Angel is the guest of honour at the village feast and is busy telling tales of his battles.

Wesley and Gunn are trying to convince Cordelia to leave the palace when the priests enter the throne room. The priests tell her that in the ritual she is to mate with a demon. Now she wants to leave.

As the guest of honour Angel is asked to kill the food for the feast, a human “cow” by cutting her head off with an axe. He refuses and the villagers attack him. The Host saves them by singing, which causes agony for the villagers and allows Angel and the girl to escape. The Host is attacked by soldiers.

Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia attempt to escape the castle through a sewage pipe. Wesley and Gunn make it, but Cordelia is caught by the priests before she can get out.

The girl Angel saved is Winifred, Fred, who disappeared from the library in LA five years ago and she is slightly mad now.

Cordelia is trying to talk herself out of the ritual when the “demon” arrives, he is a handsome man.

Angel and Fred are attacked by soldiers. Angel attempts to change into his vampire self to fight them, but he turns into a pure form of his demon.

The man tells Cordelia he is a native. But he was born deformed, as a human, and was cast out from his tribe. Cordelia casually pardons The Host and continues talking to the man.

Wesley and Gunn are lost in the woods when they are attacked by Angel, still in his demon form. Fred saves them by leading Angel away. Wesley and Gunn are then surrounded by a group of humans. Fred leads Angel back to her cave where Angel turns back into himself after seeing his reflection.

Cordelia asks for parchment to make proclamations, she wants to do some good in this world. The priests are not happy about that and decide to “send her a message”.

The humans in the woods also want to send her a message. Wesley, who is tied up along with Gunn, admits to the humans that they are friends of Cordelia. The humans decide to sent their message in the mouths of Wesley and Gunn’s decapitated heads.

Fred helps Angel recover and begin to come to terms with his demon side. The priests explain to Cordelia exactly who is in charge. They present her with The Host’s head, literally, on a platter.

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