Angel Season 2 Episode 22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Grlb

Cordelia is crying and talking to The Host’s severed head. It talks back to her and she screams. He explains that his people, if you cut off their heads, don’t die until their bodies are mutilated. Obviously, he would like Cordelia to help him get his body back before that happens.

The priests send soldiers after Wesley, Gunn and Angel. The soldiers attack the human’s encampment just as Wesley and Gunn’s heads are about to be chopped off.

At Fred’s cave, Angel is recovering with Fred’s help. Cordelia summons a servant to help her get to the mutilation room, to recover The Host’s body.

Soldiers enter the cave and Angel disposes of most of them. But, the leader stabs Angel twice with a spear, narrowly missing his heart, before Fred saves him.

The humans fight off the soldiers, with Wesley and Gunn’s help. They realise that they are on the same side and release them.

The captured soldier tells Angel of The Host’s decapitation and Cordelia’s fate. Cordelia, dressed in the servant’s clothes, finds the mutilation room where she discovers that the prince has smuggled The Host’s body to his family’s farm.

Wesley and Gunn decide to team up with the humans and Wesley is elected their new leader. Angel and Fred leave the cave to help the others.

Cordelia discovers that if she mates with the prince, her visions will pass to him and she will loose them. She has a vision of the prince fighting Angel’s demon.

The humans tell Wesley and Gunn of the priests weapon which will kill every slave in the land at the touch of a button, by blowing their heads off with the collars that they wear.

Angel arrives at the camp with Fred. The Host’s cousin arrives with his head. Wesley asks Angel to challenge and fight the prince, as his demon self, while he, Gunn and the humans attack the castle.

Angel makes the challenge and the prince is forced, despite Cordelia’s protest, to fight. The attack on the castle begins. Wesley, Gunn and some of the humans get inside the castle.

A priest attacks Cordelia and prepares to use the weapon. Angel has to turn into his demon self to prevent the prince from killing him.

Cordelia decapitates the priest before he can use the weapon and kill all the slaves. Angel manages to control his demon and stop the fight seconds before Cordelia arrives to stop it.

The Host’s head is reunited with his body. His mother still hates him. Cordelia decrees that all citizens are created equal and outlaws slavery and religious persecution. She also destroys the priest’s weapon. She leaves the prince in charge of re-building the world.

Wesley and Fred have figured out how to open a portal home. The gang go through a portal in Angel’s car and end up in the Host’s club, which is slightly damaged by their arrival.

They get back to the hotel and find Willow there. She has news about Buffy.

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