Angel Season 3 Episode 01 Heartthrob

Fred is hiding in her room as if it was the cave she used to live in. Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn return from killing a demon. (They decide that they are all sad and have no social lives!)

Angel has been on a retreat at a monastery for 3 months, after hearing of Buffy’s death. Some of the monks turn out to be demons, Angel kills them and returns to the hotel.

He returns with gifts. He gives Cordelia a necklace which prompts her to say “…and look how it brings out my breasts. I know you were all thinking it.”

Angel is trying to talk Fred out of her room when Cordelia has a vision of 4 vampires killing people at a party. Angel, Wesley and Gunn go after the vampires who have taken 2 hostages. They slay 3 of them, including a woman who Angel knew when he was with Darla in 1767.

Cordelia goes home, her vision’s after effects are getting worse. [Flashback to 1767 with Angel, Darla, Elizabeth and her partner James.] The gang are worried that James will come after Angel for killing Elizabeth. The vampire who escaped tells James what Angel did and James kills him.

Cordelia tries to talk to Angel about Buffy. [Flashback to Angel and James’ escape in 1767.] James goes to a doctor for “the cure”. Merl meets Wesley and Gunn in the Host’s bar and tells them that James knows what Angel did and is after blood.

They tell Angel, who prepares to face James at the hotel. He tells Cordelia to go home, but she refuses. James arrives while they are arguing and attacks Angel.

Merl tells Wesley and Gunn that James went to the doctor and the Host tells them that the doctor is a demon. Cordelia helps Angel in the fight. Angel stakes James, but the wound heals! Angel and Cordelia run with James chasing them.

Wesley telephones Cordelia and tells her that the doctor removed James’ heart and he is invincible for 6… at which point she looses the signal on her cell phone.

James finds their hiding place and they run to a subway station. They get on a train, but so does James. James confronts them and tells Angel that he will kill the woman he loves. Angel says he can’t as she is already dead.

Angel and James fight. James claims that Angel does not know what love is. Back at the hotel, Angel is upset that he can live with Buffy being dead. Cordelia tries to cheer him up.

Darla is in Nicaragua and she is pregnant.

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