Angel Season 3 Episode 02 That Vision Thing

Wesley and Gunn are being nice to Cordelia because she has not had a vision in a while. Fred is downstairs eating with them. A Wolfram and Hart lawyer, Gavin, arrives with a list of building code violations at the hotel. Cordelia has a particularly painful vision of a coin. The demon in the vision has, somehow, cut Cordelia with it’s claws during the vision.

Angel confronts Cordelia about the visions getting worse. She hides the cuts from him and claims to be OK. Angel has asked Fred to take her home.

Angel, Wesley and Gunn leave to look for the coin and the demon. They enter the last chinese herbalist on their list. The owners, an old chinese couple, tell them that vampires are not welcome. When they ask about the coin, the couple leap over the counter and sprout claws. The couple narrowly loose the fight and Angel finds the coin around the man’s neck.

Gavin has just been moved into Special Operations at Wolfram and Hart and plans to take on Angel.

Cordelia tells Fred that she is OK and tries to get her to leave the apartment and return to the hotel. Fred, in her own way, asks Cordelia what it is like to have a vision – including the question “Has anybody ever told you you’re exactly like Lassie?”, which does not go down well with Cordelia. As she is just about to push Fred out of the door, Cordelia has another vision. This time she gets boils on the side of her face and neck.

The rest of the gang arrive and she shows them the cuts from the previous vision. They are all confused as to why the Powers That Be are doing this to Cordelia. Fred suggests tracing the visions, like a phone call.

Wesley sends Angel to find the demon at a key cutting shop. Gunn takes Fred back to the hotel, where he finds some exterminators.

Angel returns to the apartment with the key. Wesley has asked the Host to help trace the visions. Cordelia wants help, but she does not want to loose the visions. Wolfram and Hart are using a demon to place visions into Cordelia’s mind.

They send a vision of fire while the Host is helping her. He is sent flying across the room and she receives burns. The Host tells the gang that the visions are not from the powers, they are local, but he does not know who is doing it.

Angel visits Wolfram and Hart. They want Angel to rescue someone from jail, in a demon dimension – for which he will need the coin and the key. Wesley tells Angel that the coin, key and the chinese couple are good. He also tells him that the mission for Wolfram and Hart violates everything Angel stands for.

Angel refuses to allow Wesley to go with him. The coin and key take Angel – but not his weapons – to the demon dimension. Angel and the guard have a friendly discussion, agreeing that they both work for the same side. Then they agree that they have to fight, so they do. Angel wins, knocking the guard out and freeing the man from his cage of fire.

Angel, Wesley and Gunn deliver the man to Wolfram and Hart in return for them restoring Cordelia to normal. Angel kills the demon which sent the visions to Cordelia. Cordelia is feeling better and, at the hotel, she “cooks” for Angel – coffee and toasted waffles. She thanks him for saving her, but she is worried about the man and what he can do.

In Honduras, Darla goes to an Indian healer to find out what her baby is, but he cannot help her. She only has one option left – “Time to go visit daddy”.

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