Angel Season 3 Episode 03 That Old Gang of Mine

The gang try to make peace between Angel and Merl at the Host’s bar. It does not work and Merl storms off after Angel taunts him into attempting to hit him – he can’t because of a spell which prevents demon violence in the bar. Then he asks for a ride home. When he gets home, he is attacked and killed.

Gunn has a nightmare of the time he had to kill his sister. Gunn meets Angel and Wesley at Merl’s home. They are examining the scene. Gunn does not see the point in getting involved, as they kill demons every day. Angel is abrupt with him, but Wesley intercedes and suggests that he go home.

Gunn visits his old gang and one of the new members has a go at him because he works for a vampire. Fred is improving, she is out of her room, but she still won’t go back into the real world. Cordelia has made an “Enemies of Merl” list – with Angel’s name at the top. He is not happy about it.

Even Gunn’s old friends in the gang are not, entirely, sure what he has been doing and which side he is on. Angel and Wesley are working through Cordelia’s list. They enter the apartment of a demon bookmaker who Merl owed money to and find (what remains of) him dead.

Gunn’s gang kill a harmless demon in the sewer. At the apartment, Wesley finds the head of a crossbow bolt, as used by Gunn’s gang. Gunn arrives, after Wesley has paged him. He is not happy about helping demons, until Wesley explains that whatever is killing them is doing so at random.

Angel arrives and tells them of the demon killed in the sewer. Gunn pockets the crossbow bolt and leaves. Gunn confronts his old friend and finds out that the whole gang are deliberately killing any demon that they find.

Wesley notices the missing evidence. Cordelia, prompted by Angel, talks Fred into leaving the hotel and going out for a night. Gunn goes to the hotel, but does not tell Angel about his gang.

Cordelia and Wesley have taken Fred to the Host’s bar and got her to sing karaoke. Gunn is talking to the host as his gang enter and start shooting machine guns.

Once they have finished killing demons they turn on Gunn. He tries to get them to leave, but they don’t go. He has to protect the Host from them. Gunn tries to convince them that what they are doing is wrong, but he fails. They send Cordelia to fetch Angel.

Angel sends Cordelia to get the spell that prevents demon violence in the bar lifted so that he can fight the gang and then he goes to the bar.

The new gang member sings and the host tells him that he knows why he ran away from Miami. One of the surviving demons tries to escape and Gunn manages to take a machine gun from the gang member, who accuses him of protecting baby eating demons. He also accuses him of letting his sister be turned into a vampire so that she would turn him into one.

Angel arrives and the gang want Gunn to kill him. Gunn refuses. The new gang member makes an offer: whomever kills Angel can leave the bar while the rest stay and die. Fred gets up.

The sisters, who cast the protection spell, want payment for lifting it. A payment which only Angel can make.

Fred takes the crossbow, but points it at the gang member. The spell is lifted and Angel can fight, so he does. With the help of the remaining demons, the fight is over quickly.

Most of the gang survive and leave. Wesley tells Gunn that if he ever withholds information again, he will be dismissed. Gunn and Angel talk, they understand each other.

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