Angel Season 3 Episode 04 Carpe Noctem

Fred has a crush on Angel. He sees a two-for-one offer on a film. Fred is the only one who wants to go with him. A man takes a break from a menage-a-trois then energy leaves his body and his body collapses, leaving just skin. The next day, Fred enthuses to Wesley about Angel.

Cordelia tells Angel that Fred has a crush on him. He does not believe her, but she appears to convince him to talk to Fred. Angel gets out of it by talking to Wesley about a newspaper report of the man who died. Wesley has seen a similar incident reported and decides they should look into it. Angel starts work immediately, without talking to Fred.

At Wolfram and Hart, Gavin attempts to impress and wind-up Lilah. He succeeds in the later by accusing her of not knowing Angel as well as she thinks.

Wesley finds a third victim, another young man. They were all members of the same gym. The gang all leave to investigate, leaving Fred behind.

Cordelia goes with Angel to the gym, she is still trying to talk him into speaking to Fred when she gets distracted by the men at the gym and goes off to “interview” them. Angel talks one of the staff into letting him see the records. All the men were in the same training class.

Angel sees something watching the class from the building opposite, a retirement home. He goes to investigate while Cordelia gets some home phone numbers. Angel interviews the resident, Marcus Roscoe. Angel gets suspicious when he finds an ancient herb jar and a skiing magazine. Marcus chants a ritual which transfers himself into Angel’s body, and Angel into his.

He knocks “himself” out and leaves in Angel’s body. Angel/Marcus does not recognise Cordelia when he meets her outside, but very happily accepts her offer to drive him to the hotel. Back at the hotel Angel/Marcus tries to check in. It takes a while for him to realise that it is not a normal hotel.

Cordelia simply thinks that Angel is acting strange. She, again, tells him to talk to Fred. Angel regains consciousness in Marcus’ body. He rings the office, but Marcus answers the call and Marcus/Angel is taken back to his room by an orderly.

The next day Cordelia arrives to find paperwork everywhere and Angel/Marcus asleep on the desk. Angel/Marcus thinks that Wesley is Fred and has his talk with him!

Cordelia calls Wesley and Angel/Marcus realises he has the wrong person. Gunn arrives with food and information. Angel/Marcus pays him, as if he was a delivery man. Angel/Marcus eats food, which the others find a little strange.

Gunn discovered that the men were with escorts. He and Wesley both want to interview them, but Cordelia takes the names off them. Marcus/Angel is looking for a way to escape the home.

Angel/Marcus has just shredded some of the evidence when Fred enters the office. He arranges to go out with her. She leaves to change and Lilah enters. Angel/Marcus does not recognise her, she has brought paperwork to defeat Gavin’s building code violations. Angel/Marcus offers her a drink and tries to chat her up.

Marcus/Angel attempts to escape by setting off the fire alarm, but he collapses before he can get out. When Fred walks into the office, Lilah and Angel/Marcus are “busy” on the desk. She leaves quickly.

Angel/Marcus changes into him vampire face and starts to drink Lilah. She escapes and Angel/Marcus realises what Angel is. Marcus/Angel wakes up in bed with a cardiac monitor attached, he has had a heart attack.

Cordelia returns to the hotel and finds Fred crying in the lift. Fred tells Cordelia about Angel/Marcus and Lilah. Angel/Marcus goes to a club for more fun. He is drinking a woman when her boyfriend and two others find them. He wins the fight and leaves.

Cordelia thinks that Angel/Marcus is Angelus. But, Wesley thinks something else is happening as Angel/Marcus has been reading books about vampires. Angel/Marcus has returned to the home to kill Marcus/Angel.

The rest of the gang are there and Cordelia zaps him with an electric stun gun. The spell is reversed, they are both back in their own bodies and Marcus has another heart attack.

Angel finally has his talk with Fred, only to find that Cordelia has explained the curse and Fred does most of the talking. Cordelia interrupts them. Willow has phoned to tell them that Buffy is alive, again.

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