Angel Season 3 Episode 05 Fredless

The gang are doing and inventory of the weapons cabinet while they wait for Angel to return from his meeting with Buffy. Fred wants to know if they, Angel and Buffy, are going to get back together. Wesley is very certain that they won’t. Cordelia attempts to explain to Fred by doing a very bad, and hilarious impression of Buffy. Wesley joins in, as Angel, just before Angel walks in and catches them.

He takes Fred out for ice cream, where Angel kills a demon. They return via the sewers looking for more demons. Fred finds some crystals. Angel sends her back to the hotel while he continues looking.

A couple, Roger and Trish, arrive at the hotel. Their daughter is missing. The gang think they have a case, but the daughter is Fred. Fred arrives back at the hotel, sees her parents and runs to her room. Wesley avoids telling Fred’s parents that she was in a demon dimension for 5 years.

Angel arrives with a demon head in his hand. Fred tries, and fails, to clean the writing off the walls of her room. The gang take Fred’s parents to her room, but she is not there. Fred has left the hotel.

The gang are suspicious of her parents, either that they are not her parents or that she has a reason for not wanting to see them. They try and figure out a way to find her. Most of the gang go off with Fred’s parents to search.

Angel starts searching the sewers. Fred has gone to the Host’s, still closed, bar for help and cash. He knows why she is running away and he tells her that she hasn’t run far enough away.

Something is watching Angel as he searches the sewers. The rest of the gang have searched the library without success and Cordelia is more certain that there is something wrong with the parents.

Wesley suggests that Fred may have gone to the Host’s bar. He calls Angel, who is still being watched and agrees to meet them there. The host is not in a good mood and he is definitely not happy to see Gunn again.

Angel talks privately to the Host and realises that he knows where Fred is. The Host, reluctantly, tells Angel and warns him to be careful as things will get messy. Fred is at the bus station talking to herself. One of the demons that were watching Angel is also there.

The gang arrive with her parents. Fred, initially, does not want to admit that they are her parents because that would mean that the last five years were real. Finally, they appear to be re-united when the demon drops from the ceiling.

Angel orders them out and attempts to fight the demon. Angel is loosing. Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn, Fred and Fred’s father all help, but get beaten back. Fred’s mother kills it by running it over with a bus.

Back at the hotel Fred’s parent seem to accept the demons and the job Fred is doing. Fred is happy, but she wants to go home – away from the monsters and demons. Angel talks to Fred in her room, which she admits she turned into another cave when Angel went away after Buffy’s death.

After a round of goodbyes, Fred leaves with her parents. In the taxi, Fred realises something about the demons and asks the driver to turn around. The gang are missing Fred and her parents, who seem better than theirs.

The demon head is pulsating and the hotel is invaded by lots of the demons, with one of them in the lobby. They start to fight it and Fred returns to help. She does so by splitting the original demon head open. She realised that the other demons had laid their eggs in the head and they wanted it back.

Fred realises that she should stay rather than go home. Everyone helps to re-paint Fred’s room. Fred paints over the image of Angel rescuing her on a horse.

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