Angel Season 3 Episode 06 Billy

Angel is teaching Cordelia how to use a sword and she learns quickly. Billy, the man Angel was forced to rescue in [S3-02 That Vision Thing] and the nephew of a Congressman is in Lilah’s office. Much to her annoyance, Gavin is also there taking the credit for her work. After Billy leaves, Gavin attacks Lilah for no apparent reason.

Cordelia gives Wesley advice on courting Fred, then has a vision of a man attacking his wife – a week ago. Wesley “obtains” the crime scene evidence and Angel sees Billy in one of the photographs.

Angel goes to see Lilah and sees the results of Gavin’s attack on her. Angel suggests that Billy caused the attack.

Wesley, Angel and Gunn go to the Congressman’s estate. Angel breaks in to find Billy. Angel breaks the window of the room Billy is in and finds that he can enter without an invitation, Billy is not quite human.

While he is there, the police arrive to arrest Billy for a self confessed crime. Billy touches a policeman while he is being arrested. While the policeman and his female partner are driving Billy to the police station, the policeman attacks his own partner.

The police car crashes and Billy escapes. The policewoman is forced to shoot her partner and is taken to hospital. Wesley sends Gunn to the hospital while Angel tracks Billy. Wesley touches Billy’s blood at the scene.

Cordelia leaves the hotel with weapons, to kill Billy. Wesley returns to the hotel. Cordelia goes to see Lilah and attempts to talk her into helping to kill Billy. She appeals to Lilah’s “vicious bitch” personality to persuade her.

Angel follows Billy’s trail to a taxi driver who attacked his female passenger. Billy goes to his cousin’s. Wesley is infected and he attacks Fred. She runs to hide in the hotel.

Angel tracks Billy to his cousin’s and, once Angel tells the cousin that he wants to kill Billy, he is invited in. Cordelia has already been there.

Wesley searches the hotel for Fred and he has an axe. Cordelia finds Billy at an airfield. Gunn finds Fred before Wesley. Angel stops Cordelia before she can kill Billy, he is going to kill him instead.

Gunn and Fred barricade themselves in a room, but Gunn realises that he is infected too. Billy, to his surprise, discovers that his power does not work on Angel.

Gunn insists that Fred knock him out before he can hurt her. Angel is fighting Billy and Cordelia is ready to kill Billy with a crossbow. But, Lilah beats them to it, she appears and shoots Billy.

Wesley breaks into the room, but Fred manages to knock him through a hole in the floor with a fire extinguisher. Things return to normal.

Cordelia and Angel continue training. Wesley is upset about trying to kill Fred. Fred tries to talk him into returning to work and appears to do so. Privately, Wesley is still upset.

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