Angel Season 3 Episode 07 Offspring

[Rome, 1771 – Angel is trapped and caught in the sewers by Holtz. Before he can be tortured, too much, Darla arrives and rescues him.] An LA bus driver very kindly drops Darla exactly where she wants to get off, after she has drunk the other passengers.

Cordelia has brought some flowers to brighten up Angel’s room – plastic ones as live ones would, in her opinion, die immediately there.

Wesley and Gunn are searching for missing details of another prophecy. They break into a house and are caught by the owner. Gunn stops him from killing them by threatening to destroy valuable artifacts.

Fred walks in at the end of Angel and Cordelia’s training session. Fred is convinced that Angel and Cordelia are an item, despite Angel’s denials.

Fred is called in to work out when the prophecy is due to occur. Wesley is making certain that there are no mistakes in the translation this time. As a result of Cordelia’s comments he has to explain the mistake he made when translating “Shanshu”.

Fred’s calculations show that the bad thing that the prophecy predicts should already be in LA. Angel, in a very long winded way, tells Cordelia he likes her as a friend.

Darla arrives. Fred suggests that this is the bad thing that they were waiting for. Cordelia immediately sides with Darla and is angry with Angel for lying to her when she asked if he’d slept with Darla. Darla wants the gang to find out what her baby is and what is happening.

Wesley suggests they talk to the Host. The Host is re-fitting the bar for a re-opening. The three sisters are there and they are happy to see Angel. The Host tells them that he does not know what it is either. Darla lies down in the Host’s bedroom and Cordelia looks after her.

Angel, Wesley and Gunn are talking about prophecies and destiny. Fred tells them to “screw destiny” and just deal with whatever happens.

Cordelia, while looking after Darla, mentions eating and Darla starts to drink her. Angel saves Cordelia, but Darla gets away. They take Cordelia home. She remembers the vision she had while Darla was drinking her and tells Angel where she thinks Darla is going.

Gunn stays to watch her and Angel goes after Darla. Wesley does not want Angel to go alone, but he does. Darla is at a children’s arcade and convinces a lost child to go with her.

Cordelia has a dream about what Darla’s child could be and Gunn takes her to the office. They can’t get in contact with Angel as he doesn’t answer his phone and has left his pager in the office. Cordelia thinks she knows why Darla is after younger victims.

Angel arrives in time to stop Darla drinking the child. They fight, but Angel can’t kill her or the child. He realises that the child has a heartbeat and a soul. He takes Darla back to the hotel.

Cordelia tells Angel that she felt the same thing in her dream as he did when he fought Darla. Fred gives them some bad news, her calculations were off and the bad thing is arriving in about 3 seconds.

In an underground temple a demon is brought into existence, into the first year of the last century. Holtz (now a demon?).

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