Angel Season 3 Episode 08 Quickening

[York, England, 1764 – Holtz’s men think they have found Angel and Darla, who have tricked their way into Holtz’s house. They drink his wife and daughter. Of killing the baby, Angel asks Darla “Do you want to do it or should I?”. The house Holtz searches is the wrong one, but he finds a note telling him that Angel and Darla are at his house. Holtz gets home too late to save his family.]

Darla is lying down in her room. Angel enters and puts his hand on her stomach. She puts her hand on his and asks “Are you going to do it or am I?”.

Holtz is watching documentaries, learning what has happened in the last 227 years. The demon that brought him back tells him that his fate is linked with Angelus and Darla. The demon brought him back to kill Angelus.

The rest of the gang enter Darla’s room with news of the prophecy. It talks about a number of events, not just the baby. Darla says that something is protecting the baby as she can’t get rid of it. The others talk about how to kill it once it is born, until Angel stops them. Darla starts having contractions.

At Wolfram and Hart, Lilah signs a document in her own blood. An assistant gives her a CD with a video on it, a video of her and Marcus/Angel on Angel’s desk. He tells her that Gavin has had surveillance equipment planted inside the hotel.

Lilah finds Gavin to confront him, but that is what he wants. He shows Lilah what he has been doing. Lilah finds references to an unidentified pregnant female in the transcripts. When shown the video, she recognises Darla.

Darla is in pain and she is not happy when Wesley tells her that labour lasts, on average, for eighteen hours. The gang decide to take Darla to a hospital to find out what the baby is.

Lilah and Gavin tell their boss what they know about Darla. The assistant makes a secret phone call to his demon master to tell him his prediction has come true.

[York, England, 1773 – Holtz is at home, alone, when the demon (that brings him into the present time) enters. The demon tells him that it will be another 200 years before he has another chance to kill Angelus. He offers to take Holtz to the future.]

The gang take Darla to the hospital for an off the record ultrasound scan. Her contractions stop and Wesley says that it was false labour.

Holtz is anxious to kill Angelus, but the demon makes him wait. He is going to take him to meet the demons he has hired help kill Angelus.

At Wolfram and Hart, the psychic who failed to predict Darla’s pregnancy is killed. They do not know what is happening. Lilah’s boss tells her that she will be the scapegoat if things go wrong. Gavin is amused. Lilah phones someone to help.

The ultrasound shows that the baby is a human boy. But, the gang find themselves surrounded by vampires. The vampires are there to worship the miracle child.

The demon shows Holtz the modern world and takes him to the gym where the hired demons are. The person whom Lilah phoned enters the hospital room and is killed by the vampires. The vampires want to protect the child by killing the human members of the gang and feeding them to Darla. Darla is looking forward to dinner.

Wolfram and Hart plan to kidnap Darla and the baby from the hotel. Darla refuses to fight the vampires, until she finds out that the vampires plan to kill her after she has fed. The gang fight their way out of the room.

Wolfram and Hart’s commandos enter the hotel, with cages for Darla and the baby. The gang plan to leave town to protect Darla, but they have to collect the scroll from the hotel first. The commandos find the hotel empty apart from Holtz who kills them all.

Angel leaves the others in the car while he goes to the hotel on his own. Angel enters the hotel. He finds Holtz and the dead commandos. While they are waiting at the car, Darla’s water breaks.

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