Angel Season 3 Episode 09 Lullaby

Angel thinks that Holtz is the evil thing that was prophesised. Angel is captured by Holtz’s demon helpers. He tries to tell Holtz that he has changed, but Holtz does not believe him. Holtz orders his demons to find Darla.

The gang decide that they need to get Darla out of the alley. Wesley attempts to get Darla to breath properly, but she says she does not breath and knocks them all out.

[England, 1764 – Holtz arrives home to find his wife killed, by Angelus and Darla. His daughter is still “alive”, but has been bitten.]

Lilah and Gavin tell their boss that they still do not know who the unknown man (Holtz) is or what has happened to their commando team. Their boss tells them that he knows nothing about the operation. They will be the scapegoats.

Angel wants to know what dark magic’s brought Holtz into the present and tells him that he is being used. Wesley is the last to regain consciousness, with the aid of Cordelia’s slaps. Darla is talking to herself. They decide to leave, but find themselves surrounded by demons.

Lilah arrives at the hotel and tells Holtz about Angel’s curse. She offers to leave while Holtz kills Angel. Angel manages to get a grenade from one of the dead commandos and uses it to blow himself through a wall. Lilah tells Holtz that the commandos were after Darla and that she is still evil.

Holtz goes after Angel. While Lilah is organising a clean-up squad she finds the scroll with the prophesy. The gang fight off the demons, but Darla drives off on her own and the gang stare at the departing car. Angel arrives and asks what they are looking at.

He tells them about Holtz. Fred’s view of the prophesy and what is to come is more than a little pessimistic. Angel sends the gang to find a safe place for the birth while he looks for Darla.

Lilah gets a translator to work on the scroll with a threat that she will have his family killed if he is not finished in the morning.

Holtz confronts his demon master. He is angry that he was not told about Angel’s soul, not because he won’t kill him, but because he will have to hunt him differently. He asks if there is anything else he has not been told, he is told that there isn’t.

Angel finds Darla on a roof. She tells him that she can’t have the baby because she loves it. She has never loved anyone or anything. She realises that the feelings she is having are not hers, she does not have a soul, but they are the babies and once it is born she will return to normal.

The gang want to have the baby at the Host’s bar, but he is in the middle of re-furbishing. Darla asks Angel if he will protect the baby from her.

The translator tells Lilah his findings. The prophecy says that there will be no birth, just death.

[England, 1764 – Holtz has to kill his daughter by throwing her into sunlight.]

The host still hasn’t completed his new security system (to prevent demon and human violence in the bar) when Angel and Darla arrive. The Host’s electrician tells Holtz and his master where Angel and Darla are.

Wesley tells Angel to prepare himself for the worst. The Host finally completes his security system. Angel sits with Darla. She feels the baby dying. The rest of the gang are waiting in the bar when Holtz arrives and leaves. A few seconds later the Host tells them all to run just before the bar is blown up.

The protection spell only prevents violence in the club, it does not stop bombs being thrown in from the street! They all survive and try to break out through the back of the bar.

Angel tells Darla that Holtz is after them. She thinks that the things they did to him are the reason for the baby dying. They make it outside. Angel sends the others for his car while he waits with Darla. Fred stays as well.

Darla tells Angel that the baby is the only good they did together. Darla stakes herself. She turns to dust, but the baby is left behind – alive.

Holtz finds them and has a crossbow aimed at Angel. Angel is cradling the baby. After a while, Holtz allows Angel, Fred and the baby to leave. His master tells him to kill Angel as he swore he would. Holtz says he swore to show no mercy and he won’t. The gang drive away.

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