Angel Season 3 Episode 10 Dad

The gang arrive back at the hotel. They see the remains of the fight and the hole Angel blew in the lift doors. The Host arrives, looking for somewhere to stay after they destroyed his bar for the second time. Angel refuses to let anyone else near his son, insisting on looking after him himself.

A demon breaks in and is swiftly killed by Gunn. They realise that Angel’s son is still in danger. Angel is more concerned with changing a nappy.

The gang make a list of possible threats to the baby. Angel has a plan: kill everyone on the list. Holtz’s master is not happy with letting Angel go, nor with Holtz poisoning all the hired demon mercenaries.

The Host provides temporary protection by arranging a magical forcefield around the hotel. Three web sites are offering money for the baby. Wolfram and Hart’s surveillance system is working again and they are watching the hotel.

Angel is still trying to get the baby to stop crying, he even tries singing. Eventually he changes to his vampire face and the baby stops crying.

Lilah goes to Wolfram and Hart’s archives to search for details on Holtz, only to find that Angel’s file fills 35 cabinets. Holtz finds, Justine, the sister of a woman killed by a vampire and tells her he wants to “help”. She tells him to stay away from her.

Cordelia tries to talk Angel into letting the rest of the gang help look after the baby. She makes her point by showing Angel daylight, where the baby would have to go if he was ill and had to go to the hospital during the day. Angel refuses to listen, insisting the baby would get there, even if Angel was killed in the process.

Gunn returns to the hotel with weapons and news of demons and humans outside all waiting to attack. It is likely that the forcefield will be breached at moonrise.

After 14 hours of finding nothing in Angel’s file, Lilah finds that the records clerk knows all the details of all the files. The clerk tells her of Holtz’s history.

Holtz watches Justine fighting a vampire in a graveyard, he wants her help to kill Angel. As night falls, the demons outside the hotel fight amongst themselves as to who will attack first. Angel has a plan – run away with the baby and leave the others to fight. The others are not happy with the plan, but Angel leaves anyway.

Wolfram and Hart’s surveillance cameras see him leaving, giving them an advantage. The forcefield goes down and the demons attack. Angel leaves the sewers for his car, but he is spotted and followed by Wolfram and Hart’s soldiers. One of the demons outside the hotel spots Angel leaving and the remaining demons, those that are still “alive”, follow.

Angel leads his pursuers into an abandoned mine and is cornered. He gives them the baby and escapes. The baby, which is a bomb, explodes. The gang, less Angel, take the baby to the hospital for his check up.

Wolfram and Hart review the surveillance tapes to find out how the Host and Angel planned their trap. Angel breaks into Wolfram and Hart’s meeting room and tells Lilah and Gavin’s boss that he is holding him personally responsible for any harm that comes to the baby.

The doctor says the baby is OK and asks what his name is. Angel arrives and tells them – Connor.

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