Angel Season 3 Episode 11 Birthday

The gang are cleaning the hotel of the mess left by the recent fights. Cordelia goes to wash her hands and to take some tablets. Wesley returns to the hotel with a cake for her birthday. While holding Connor, she hands him back to Angel and has a vision. She is thrown against a cabinet. When she wakes up she is lying on the floor while, on the other side of the room, the others are kneeling around her body trying to revive her.

The gang think she is in a comma and they find her migraine tablets. But, the Host says that the problem is mystical and not medical. She is trying to talk to them, but no-one can hear her.

Gunn and Fred go to Cordelia’s apartment to see if there are any clues there. They find that Cordelia has been taking medicine for a year. Angel is upset that she did not tell him of her problems.

The Host tries to communicate with Cordelia, but finds that she is not in her body. Angel insists that the Host contact The Powers. Cordelia hears strange noises.

When Angel falls asleep, Cordelia possesses his body and writes a message, but something forces her out of it and they do not see the message.

Wesley brings news that Cordelia’s last tests showed widespread neurological damage – she is dying. Cordelia sees a demon, Skip, appear. He tells her to follow him if she does not want to die.

The Host returns with the information Angel needs to contact The Powers, but he is injured. Skip tells Cordelia that it was a mistake for Doyle to give her the visions, that only demons are strong enough to cope with them. He shows her another woman who had the visions, hundreds of years ago. Her final vision blew the back of her skull out.

Angel tries to get The Powers to take the visions away from Cordelia, but the “conduit” does not want to talk to him. Skip tells Cordelia that she was destined to be a rich and famous actress. But, the first night she met Angel in LA changed that. He offers her a second chance, but without Angel and the visions. He tells her that if she goes back into her body, the next vision will kill her.

He shows her Angel arguing with the conduit, but she only hears part of the conversation – a part where Angel says she is weak and can’t handle to visions. She makes her choice – she is famous and in her own show “Cordy!”.

In her new life, she has a feeling that she should be somewhere – the hotel. She gets there – it is a real hotel, not Angel’s office – and goes into what should be Angel’s room. She pulls some wallpaper off and finds the message she wrote “171 Oak”. She goes to the address and is invited in by the woman, who is a fan.

The woman’s father left a few months ago and she has cast a spell to bring him back. A demon arrives instead of the woman’s father. Gunn and Wesley (with only one arm) arrive to fight the demon. She explains to Wesley what is happening – as much as she remembers in her new life.

They take her to meet Angel who, after Doyle’s death, has the visions, is locked in a room and talking to himself. She tells him he will be OK and kisses him. She remembers everything and Skip appears.

Cordelia wants a loophole to allow things to return to the way they were, but without her dying. Skip tells her the only way is for her to become part demon. He tells her that the effects would be unpredictable and she may never be able to lead a normal, human, life again. She accepts.

Cordelia wakes up back before things were changed, feeling fine. The others rush in to check on her. She has a vision with no pain, but she is floating in mid-air.

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