Angel Season 3 Episode 12 Provider

Angel counts coins into a piggy bank for Connor. Fred is building an Angel Investigations web site. 6000 flyers have been distributed. Angel seems to be more interested in making money to raise Connor than doing The Powers’ work. A man running from demons finds the flyer and calls, but the flyer has the wrong number on it.

Wesley returns with new flyers and finds Gunn staring at Fred, who is holding Connor. Gunn declares Fred a “hot momma”. Angel asks the Host to find out what Holtz is up to. All the phones start ringing.

Holtz is testing Justine (with a screwdriver through her hand) to see if she has the commitment he requires. The hotel is full of clients and Angel Investigations is busy. Gunn talks to a woman who’s dead, now ex, boyfriend is stalking her.

Angel leaves Connor with Cordelia while he goes out on a case, for 10,000 dollars – to get rid of a group of vampires who are demanding protection money from a businessman. But, the man who hires him is a fake.

Holtz wants Justine to find others like them, those who have suffered at the hands of vampires and want to fight back. The Host returns with news of Holtz’s plans.

3 demons want Fred to solve a puzzle for them. They apologise for only being able to pay 50,000 dollars – Angel literally grabs the money.

Gunn and Wesley find that the woman’s ex-boyfriend is a zombie. Fred and the Host start work on the puzzle. Angel kills 3 vampires and finds out about the fake businessman when he returns for the second half of his money. He is about to leave when the real businessman tells him about a treasure the vampires were meant to be protecting.

The Host leaves Fred to go to the bathroom, but discovers that the demons plan to cut off Fred’s head and attach it to their leader’s body. He is caught and knocked out.

Angel returns to the vampire’s room and finds the fake businessman there. The treasure turns out to be a watch that belonged to a relative who was killed by the 7 vampires – which means there are 4 left.

Cordelia has a vision of Fred’s head being cut off when she solves the puzzle. Cordelia takes Connor to return the money, ask for Fred back and to explain that is was all a mistake.

After a minor fight, Gunn and Wesley find that the woman poisoned her boyfriend, but he wants to forgive her and try again – despite being dead. She agrees.

Angel refuses to fight the other 4 vampires unless he is paid. Fred solves the puzzle and is taken to have her head cut off. Cordelia arrives to ask for the exchange. But, the Host translates her request into a threat – deliberately, as he thinks that Angel, Wesley and Gunn are with her.

Angel is finally convinced to kill the other demons. Wesley and Gunn turn up in time to save Fred, kill the demons’ leader and enrage the remaining demons. Angel turns up in time to save Wesley and Gunn.

Angel tells them that he realises that other things are more important than money. They keep the 50,000 dollars as the demons tried to cut Fred’s head off.

Back at the hotel, Angel and Cordelia lie on a bed feeding Connor and talking about money, college funds, boats, ski lodges and chipmunks on ice.

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