Angel Season 3 Episode 13 Waiting in the Wings

Wesley is going to ask Fred out on a date. Cordelia is winding him up about when he fancied her. Gunn returns from breakfast with Fred, only to find the concert tickets that Angel was meant to get are now ballet tickets. He is not happy.

Cordelia takes Fred to buy a dress for the ballet. Cordelia tells Fred that she and “him” make a perfect couple, but Fred and Cordelia are talking about different people. Fred tells Cordelia that Angel will be dressing up for her, Cordelia. Cordelia denies it.

He is – despite denying it to Lorne, just before Cordelia walks into the room looking fantastic. [Ed: Has everyone forgotten Angel’s curse?] Fred, equalling, and bettering, Cordelia’s appearance sees Gunn in his tuxedo and declares him “pretty”. He lets her live! He and Wesley are competing for Fred’s affections.

They all go to the ballet. Cordelia falls asleep as soon as it starts and Gunn enjoys it, despite his reservations. Angel recognises the dancers, whom he saw when the ballet performed in 1890.

Angel and Cordelia go for a look backstage. They get there and find an endless corridor. They find the prima ballerina’s dressing room. Angel realises that something happened there in the past. Cordelia asks him to undress her. They kiss. They are acting out an historical event [al la Buffy S2-19 I Only Have Eyes For You]. They realise what is happening and leave the room, even though it is “hard” – for Angel… All but one of the effects wear off as soon as they leave the room!

Lorne has stayed at the hotel, looking after Connor. But, someone else has arrived there. Cordelia thinks that they missed a clue by leaving the room and wants to go back in. Angel does not like the idea. Both because he has been possessed before, and because he has feelings for Cordelia.

Wesley and Gunn are enjoying the ballet with Fred. They are both about to “make a move” on Fred, when she comments that Angel and Cordelia have been gone too long. They leave to find them.

Cordelia and Angel go back into the room and the scene begins again. The scene plays out. The two lovers were to leave the company to escape its owner, who has supernatural powers.

Wesley, Gunn and Fred hear noises – Cordelia and Angel! Cordelia and Angel are interrupted, after he has removed her dress, by 2 clowns with swords. Angel kills them. Gunn is stabbed by a clown, whom Fred then beats. Wesley fights a fourth.

Fred, worried about Gunn, patches his wound. He jokes about it, she gets more worried and embarrassed. He comforts her and they kiss. Cordelia and Angel explain to Fred and Gunn what happened in the dressing room. Wesley says than the owner pulled the whole company out of time – Wesley found a hotspot where he learnt this.

He suggests that they could overload the owner and break back into the real world. The more clowns they kill, the more chance Angel has of getting to the owner and stopping him. Angel meets the ballerina and talks to her. Each performance is an exact copy of the original and she can’t change it. He asks her to help break the owner’s power by dancing differently.

She does, allowing Angel to reach the owner in the balcony and destroy his power centre, an amulet. The company and the ballerina fade away.

At the hotel, Gunn’s wound is treated. Cordelia is worried that they may not be able to return the dresses. Angel is trying to ask Cordelia out, when the Prince from Lorne’s planet enters the lobby.

He was the person who arrived earlier. The planet is now a republic, not a monarchy. He has come looking for his true love, Cordelia.

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