Angel Season 3 Episode 14 Couplet

Angel and Lorne talk about the Prince, whom Cordelia has taken home. Angel claims he is happy with the situation, but he is not. The Prince tells Cordelia how the planet changed to a republic and that all he wanted was her. They kiss, but she sees his image turn into that of a demon.

The next morning Angel and Wesley are the first into the office – Cordelia is late. Wesley wants to talk about Connor. Angel, initially, thinks he means the Prince. Angel suggests getting the prophecy back from Wolfram and Hart, but Wesley says that there may be other sources.

Cordelia and the Prince arrive at the office. Angel talks to Cordelia who tells him that they did not do anything last night because of what she saw – a vision. She is worried that – as on the Host’s world – if she mates with the Prince, she will loose her visions to him.

Wesley starts to suggest that it is unlikely on Earth, when Angel discourages that view: “better safe than sorry”. Cordelia comments that she is not upsetting the average for the office: “No-one around here is ever going to get any”.

Gunn and Fred are having breakfast together, again, and getting closer. The gang leave to track the demon from Cordelia’s vision. The Prince can track it and goes with Angel, not that Angel is happy about that – especially when the Prince takes his favourite sword and Angel gets a small axe!

Angel and the Prince track the demon through the sewers. It escapes into daylight where Angel can’t follow, but the Prince can and does kill it. The gang, having just arrived, congratulate him while Angel stays in the shadows.

Angel talks to a new client about a job, whilst watching Cordelia. Wesley assigns Gunn to surveillance work for the new client and Fred joins him – not in Wesley’s plan.

Wesley and Angel go to collect commentaries on the prophecy. They are both distracted by office romances. Angel is worried that the Prince could replace him and do things that he could not, both in sunlight [and, although not spoken, in Cordelia’s bed]. Wesley tells him that it is still his original mission that drives the gang.

Cordelia explains to the Prince that she wants to be with him, but does not want to loose the visions. Fred and Gunn concentrate more on each other than their surveillance mission.

The Prince, after Cordelia cuts his hair and provides him with a change of (Angel’s) clothes, looks almost like Angel. Which is not what Angel wanted to see when he walked back into his hotel. He confronts Cordelia and she assumed he would not mind.

She says that she needs his help and it’s something that only he can do. She asks him the favour: She needs him to help her have sex with the Prince. Cordelia wants Angel to collect a potion which will allow her to keep the visions if she has sex with the Prince. She can’t send the Prince alone (who looks like Angel’s twin) on his own as it has to be collected from a brothel and, according to Cordelia, Angel won’t be tempted by any woman on Earth.

Gunn and Fred follow their target, by being pulled into the ground by tree roots. Angel is with the Prince, collecting the potion, when he gets a call from Gunn, they have been caught by a demon tree with an xDSL internet connection!

Angel and the Prince go to help. The Prince asks Angel to keep the potion safe while he fights. The Prince is caught by the tree. Angel gets the tree to take him instead of the Prince by talking to the tree and hitting the Prince.

The tree absorbs Angel’s “deadness” which allows Gunn to escape and kill it. The Prince lives. Back at the office, Wesley asks Gunn if what he and Fred have is serious. Gunn assures him that he won’t hurt Fred.

The potion survived and Cordelia goes to leave with the Prince. Angel calls Cordelia back, gives her some money and tells her to take a few weeks off, in the sun, with the Prince.

Angel goes to Connor. Wesley is working late on the prophecy and the notes on his pad read “The father will kill the son”.

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