Angel Season 3 Episode 15 Loyalty

Wesley falls asleep at his desk, working on the prophesy. He dreams that Angel kills Connor. Angel takes Connor to the hospital for a check-up, Wesley has gone with them (to watch over Angel). A woman switches Connor’s blood sample.

Angel has ordered a miniature hockey kit for Connor (on Cordelia’s credit card) and he talks about Connor growing up. Wesley, who has not told him about the prophecy, is concerned.

A new client comes to the hotel, her son went out one night and came back a vampire. She did not invite him into the house and he burnt in the sunlight. Wesley assigns Gunn to go to the pier and check for vampires, Fred will be going with him.

The woman briefs Justine and the rest of Holtz’s team on how she has set the gang up. Holtz’s team train against captured and chained vampires. Holtz’s demon “master” arrives, but Holtz tells him to leave him alone to do his job. Holtz threatens to trap the demon in a magical urn unless he does so.

Fred suggests that Wesley should go on a date with the woman client. But, Wesley tells her that they are there to work, not to date, and that she should do her job.

Holtz’s demon materialises in Lilah’s office. He wants her help to get some of Connor’s blood. She already has it – Wolfram and Hart arranged for the switch at the hospital.

Fred and Gunn are at the pier looking for evidence of vampires. Gunn tries to have some fun at the fair. But, because of what Wesley said, Fred feels under pressure to work. She tells Gunn what Wesley said, they talk and decide to ignore him.

Fred and Gunn are leaving the pier at nightfall when Gunn feels something is up. They follow someone breaking into a building and are attacked by vampires. Justine is filming the fight. Gunn tells Fred to leave while he fights the vampires. He stakes one, but is caught by the other two. Fred returns and saves him.

Wesley goes to the location of a “statue”, which turns out to be a plastic “burger man” outside a restaurant, and casts a spell to find out about Angel and Connor. He is told that Angel will kill Connor, that it can’t be stopped. He asks when and is told of three portents that precede the killing: earthquake, fire and blood.

Lilah meets Holtz’s master in a bar to tell him that she has arranged to help with his plan – she can’t officially help as it is against Wolfram and Hart policy – which she has already started.

Wesley is at the office when the client, who set them up, arrives to pay her bill. She plays a lonely victim and asks Wesley out for coffee. He congratulates her on her role. Angel appears and tells her that if Holtz tries to harm any of his friends again, he will kill him.

There is a minor earthquake – the first portent. Holtz’s team are reviewing the video of the fight when Wesley walks into the room. Wesley tells Holtz that Angel is not Angelus, that he has a soul and is good. Holtz, somewhat understandably, does not share that point of view. Holtz tells Wesley that Angel will kill Connor and tries to get Wesley to join him.

At breakfast the next day Gunn is worried that he and Fred may not be able to manage their relationship and their jobs. He tells her that he will choose her over the job, if it comes to that.

Wesley is talking to Angel in his room when there is another earthquake. The gas cooker tips over and sets the room on fire – the second portent. Angel rescues Connor, but he (Angel) is cut and bleeding – the third portent? Angel says “I thought we were going to be trapped in there. At least I would have had something to snack on”.

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