Angel Season 3 Episode 16 Sleep Tight

Angel is full of energy. Despite Wesley’s continuing worries he has not, yet, drunk Connor. Lorne is seeing a client. Lorne calls the others to see the client, Kim. When she sings she turns into a demon.

Kim is in a band and the gang tell her that the other members of the band are demons who can, temporarily, take human form. She has been infected by them. They prescribe a mystical anti-biotic. Wesley sends Angel, Gunn and Fred to kill the demons.

Justine is training the other members of Holtz’s team. Wesley arrives to talk to Holtz. Gunn and Angel fight, and kill, the demons. More accurately, Angel fights the demons with a little help from Gunn. Angel is more powerful than normal.

Wesley does not convince Holtz that Angel is good. Holtz gives Wesley one day to prevent Angel from killing Connor, before Holtz takes action himself.

Angel, Gunn and Fred return to the hotel. Angel immediately pours himself a glass of blood and gets angry with Connor for crying so much. He smashes the glass of blood against the wall. After a moment he calms down and realises something is wrong. The gang suspect that the last batch of blood he bought was spiked.

Wesley walks home and is followed by Justine, who wants to talk to him. He tells her that Holtz is driven by revenge and does not care whether his actions are good or bad and that he will kill anyone who gets in his way, including her. It turns out that the blood Angel bought is Connor’s.

Angel finds Lilah at a bar and reminds her that he is an expert at keeping people alive whilst torturing them. She tells him that she is simply doing her job. Holtz’s demon materialises and finds her drinking with his sworn enemy – which he is not happy about. The demon leaves, still refusing to say why he wants to kill Angel.

Wesley returns to the hotel to take Connor. But, Lorne sees him. Wesley claims that he is just taking Connor for the night, to take him to the park the next morning. Wesley makes the mistake of singing to Connor, and Lorne realises that he has other plans. He knocks Lorne out and is about to take Connor when Angel arrives. He tells Angel the park story and Angel accepts it.

Fred and Gunn arrive with food. Wesley finally escapes from the hotel with Connor. Holtz and his team enter the hotel. After some small talk the fight starts. Lorne recovers in time to help the gang win, but Holtz gets away. Lorne tells them what Wesley did, that he has been to see Holtz and that he plans to take Connor for ever, not just a night.

Wesley is leaving his house with Connor when he sees Justine, apparently injured. She claims that she confronted Holtz about his plans. But, once she is close enough, she cuts Wesley’s throat and takes Connor.

Angel “encourages” Holtz’s wounded team to tell him where Holtz is, then leaves. Gunn and Fred leave to try and find Wesley – before Angel does. Lilah and a team of Wolfram and Hart’s commandos are looking for Holtz.

Justine takes Connor to Holtz. Holtz plans to raise Connor with Justine on ranch in the middle of nowhere – Utah. Angel and Lilah catch them before they can leave. Holtz threatens to kill Connor if anyone tries to take him.

Angel and Lilah both want Connor, but Lilah has everyone surrounded by her commandos. The demon materialises and says he wants Connor dead. Lilah tells him that she is changing their agreement and keeping him alive.

Angel takes a gun off one of the commandos and, reluctantly, tells Holtz to take Connor. He would rather loose Connor to Holtz than let him die.

The demon opens a portal to a demon dimension and threatens to have everyone sucked into it unless Lilah keeps her word and kills Connor. Holtz leaps into the portal with Connor.

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