Angel Season 3 Episode 17 Forgiving

Angel returns to his burnt out room and stands staring at Connor’s crib. Fred and Gunn are at Wesley’s apartment, looking for him – trying to find him before Angel does. They drive off without seeing Wesley lying in the park by his house with his throat cut.

Justine returns to Holtz’s base and tells the rest of the gang that Holtz is gone. She plans to finish Holtz’s plan to kill Angelus. Lorne tells Fred and Gunn what Wesley and Holtz have done. Fred is more upset because of her experience with a portal.

Angel wants his son back and revenge on those responsible, including Wesley. Angel plans to open a portal to go and get Connor. He plans to get Holtz’s demon master to open it for him.

Lilah’s boss questions her about what happened. He is not impressed with her acting behind his back. Angel stops Fred from calling Cordelia for help in finding the demon. Angel leaves the office. Fred and Gunn leave to find Wesley – quickly.

A tramp finds Wesley, barely alive. He steals his wallet and drags his body behind a bush to delay his discovery. Lorne returns to tell Angel bad news: the portal wasn’t a portal.

The only way to open a path to the demon dimension is to use very powerful dark magic. Angel has kidnapped Lilah’s boss, to “convince” him to help. He is convinced with some sharp objects!

Fred and Gunn try, and fail, to get Justine to tell them where Wesley is. Lilah, under orders to help, goes with Angel to the “white room” where he is told of a ritual that will turn the demon from its immaterial form into solid form.

Fred and Gunn find Wesley’s diaries in the rubbish. They read Wesley’s translation of the prophecy. Angel and Lilah begin the ritual, despite Lorne’s protests. But, the demon materialises in the street and not in the hotel.

Fred and Gunn arrive as Angel is leaving to find the demon. Fred tells him of the prophecy, that Wesley was trying to protect him and Connor. Angel leaves. On his way out Angel is attacked by, and easily fights off, Justine and her gang. Fred and Gunn see Justine driving off in Wesley’s car.

Angel finds the car accident the demon caused (by getting run over when he materialised). Justine returns to the room where Holtz first tested her. Fred and Gunn find her there and she admits to cutting Wesley’s throat.

The demon arrives ready for a fight. Then Angel arrives and demands that he opens the portal so that Angel can get his son back. The demon says that he can only open it once and that he went back in time and changed the prophecy.

Originally it said that Connor would kill him. They fight. The demon is winning and about to stake Angel when Justine returns with an urn which traps the demon. She saves Angel’s life and tells them where she left Wesley.

Angel, Fred and Gunn search for Wesley, but Angel is forced to leave them at dawn. Fred rings the office with news that they found Wesley alive, just.

Angel meets them at the hospital and goes in to see Wesley. Angel tries to suffocate Wesley. He continues to threaten him as he is dragged off.

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