Angel Season 3 Episode 18 Double or Nothing

Fred, Gunn and Lorne are trying to catch up on the pending files. Angel is in his room staring at Connor’s crib. Cordelia returns with the Prince. She goes to see Angel. At a demon casino, where there is an outstanding debt, the casino boss instructs a debt collector to collect a marker – a soul – and gives the collector an Angel Investigations card.

Cordelia sits with Angel in his room. Lorne is tidying up Wesley’s possessions, to keep them out of Angel’s way. Fred and Gunn meet with a demon couple who have a squatter in their lair.

Fred takes Wesley’s possessions to him at the hospital. Wesley still can’t talk. She tells him that she understands why he did what he did, then she tells him that he was wrong not to have trusted or told the rest of them. Also, that Angel will kill him the next time he sees him and never to return to the hotel. She tells him that the prophecy was false and it was all for nothing.

The debt collector arrives at the hotel. Gunn goes to the demon couple’s lair and kills the squatter, only to find one of the casino employees there. [Flashback to 7 years ago with Gunn in the demon casino: Gunn has gone to see the casino boss to ask for something, but the price is his future, his soul. He agrees and signs the contract in blood.]

The demon tells him that he is breaking his contract by falling in love with Fred. The casino owns his soul and he can’t “give it” to Fred. He is given 24 hours to go to the casino, to give them his soul – otherwise they will take his and Fred’s souls.

Cordelia meets Gunn when he returns to the hotel, but her speech about his and Fred’s bright future does not help – until she suggests that he and Fred take the next day off and have fun. Fred wakes up to a telephone call and breakfast in bed from Gunn.

The doctor tells Wesley that he will be released from hospital and asks if he has any friends or family who can collect him. Angel hasn’t left his room and Cordelia has stayed with him since her return.

Fred and Gunn are having a good day, until she realises that he is trying to do everything in one day because something is going to happen – she thinks that he has Leukaemia. He denies that there is anything wrong, but she tells him to stop lieing. He tells her that their relationship is over, and is not polite about it.

Cordelia continues to console Angel. Fred, crying, finds Cordelia and Angel to tell them that Gunn is in danger. Gunn returns to the casino, where the boss is collecting his debts. Fred has a hard time convincing the others that her and Gunn breaking up means that he is in danger.

Angel decides that they should help, as he does not want to loose anyone else. Wesley returns to his apartment, alone. The Prince, finally, gives Angel the card that the debt collector left and Angel realises what is happening.

Gunn is about to pay his debt when the gang arrive, killing anything that gets in their way. Angel tries to make a deal with the casino boss. Angel offers a Double or Nothing bet on his and Gunn’s souls.

The casino boss accepts. Angel gives Cordelia a stake, in case he looses. Angel chooses his game: a single cut of the deck, high card wins. The boss cuts a 9 and Angel gets a 3. Cordelia stakes the boss’ hand and Angel decapitates him.

The boss starts to grow a new head. Angel invites anyone else in the casino who owes money to attack the boss and the gang leave.

Fred and Gunn make up, with a lot of apologising from Gunn. Gunn tells Fred that the thing he sold his soul for was his truck.

Angel is back in his room. He takes Connor’s crib apart.

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