Angel Season 3 Episode 19 The Price

The gang are re-decorating Angel’s room. Angel leaves the room with a “snow globe” (A connection to the Buffy episode where it snows during the day when Angel is trying to kill himself in the sunlight?) to watch the desk.

A potential client walks into the empty reception area and a creature enters his mouth just before Angel arrives to greet him. The client leaves.

Cordelia tries to get Angel to talk about what happened while she was away and comments that the one person who could understand what happened, is not around anymore. She is upset that he did not call her for help.

A man is at a restaurant, drinking water for 6 hours. Cordelia, the Prince and Fred try to remove the pentogram from the lobby floor. Lorne tells them that a man is in the restaurant across the street causing trouble. The gang arrive at the restaurant and Angel recognises the client that walked out earlier.

Angel knocks the man out, happy to have a case, and takes him back to the hotel. Angel notices that the man now says “we” instead of “I”. Cordelia is worried that Angel is ignoring her vision of him being attacked. The man accuses Angel of “it being all his fault”, then dies of desiccation in the middle of the pentogram and the creature that entered his mouth escapes.

The gang search the hotel for the creature. Fred does Wesley’s research, with Gunn providing security for her. Lorne reminds Angel that there is always a price to pay for using dark magic. Angel and Lorne find the creature and Angel pins it to the floor with a dagger, but it has no effect on the creature.

Fred is unhappy doing “Wesley’s job”, she prefers Wave particle duality theory. As soon as Gunn says that they can handle one slug, several more materialise in the lobby.

At Wolfram and Hart, Gavin congratulates Lilah on Angel, almost, suffocating Wesley and he points out that the senior partners would be upset if Angel died as a result of a spell she helped cast. He implies that she should save Angel to save herself.

The gang realise that there is more than one of the creatures. Angel suggests turning off the lights as the creatures glow in the dark. Fred is alone in the office when one of the creatures attacks her.

The gang search the hotel with flashlights. Gunn returns to the office to watch Fred. She breaks the snow globe and tells Gunn that she is thirsty. Gunn takes Fred to the rest of the gang. Despite being infected she warns them not to take her to a hospital or to let the creature escape.

Cordelia prevents a fight between Angel and Gunn. Gunn is more concerned with saving Fred than destroying the creatures, until the Prince discovers a pool of them underneath the floor. The gang run, but Gunn is missing.

Lilah starts to arrange for Wolfram and Hart to help. Gavin changes his tune and suggests that Lilah’s boss would like Angel to die after what he did to him.

Angel gets the creature inside Fred to talk to him and it tells him that the destroyer is not after it, or Fred, but him. Gunn leaves the hotel and goes to Wesley for help. Wesley agrees to help Fred, but tells Gunn never to come to him again.

Angel tells the gang to take Fred to the hospital while he provides a distraction to the creatures. Cordelia stays with him.

The Prince and Lorne get Fred to the lobby as Gunn arrives with a cure. Meanwhile Angel and Cordelia fight off the creatures in the Kitchens. One of the creatures attempts to infect Cordelia, but her demon powers protect her.

Gunn explains that he gave Fred alcohol, as it dehydrates the human body. She tells them that the Destroyer is coming… now.

A creature materialises, as does a soldier who kills it. The soldier then points his gun at Angel and says “Hi dad”.

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