Angel Season 3 Episode 20 A New World

Connor fires 2 stakes at Angel. Angel blocks both of them. He and Connor fight. The others join in, but Connor fights them all off until Angel overpowers him. Angel offers him his hand, but he runs outside into the daylight. Angel tries to follow. The others stop Angel, but loose Connor when he jumps onto the top of a passing bus.

Angel leaves to find Connor. The others are about to follow when they realise that the rift to the demon dimension is still open. Gunn tells them that they can’t ask Wesley for help. Lorne knows someone who may be able to help and leaves to find her. Fred and Gunn leave to search for Connor, while Cordelia and the Prince guard the hotel.

Lilah visits Wesley to try and entice him to join Wolfram and Hart. He declines and she leaves with a final taunt.

Connor jumps off the bus before it gets to the station. Fred and Gunn track him above ground, while Angel waits for the sun to go down.

Connor explores the strange city he has found himself in. He comes across a drug dealer attacking a junkie. Connor approaches and is attacked by 3 others. He, eventually, wins the fight and leaves with the junkie – taking one of the drug dealer’s ears as a trophy.

Cordelia and the Prince are at the hotel on guard duty when lightening from the rift strikes them. Angel sends Fred and Gunn back to the hotel and continues the search on his own, so as not to scare Connor when he finds him.

The junkie takes Connor back to her squat. She gives him some normal clothes and human food. Fred and Gunn return to the hotel and find Cordelia and the Prince unconscious.

Connor and the junkie talk. He tells her that he came to LA to find his father. Wesley considers the book that Lilah left him as a reminder of his betrayal of Angel.

Connor hears a noise and finds the junkie overdosed. Angel finds him and tries to talk to him. Connor walks off, planning to kill the drug dealer. Angel tries to stop him and they fight. Connor tells him that his name is Steven.

Cordelia and the Prince have recovered, but Fred finds out that the creature that Connor killed usually has a mate – that will probably arrive through the rift at the worst time. Fred wants to call Wesley for help. Lorne arrives with his help.

Angel asks Connor about his life and apologises for not trying harder to get him back. Connor tells him that Holtz is his father and that he has told him about Angel’s life as Angelus.

The drug dealer and his “colleagues” arrive, looking for Connor and the junkie.

Lorne’s friend examines the rift and closes it. But she can’t tell them if anything else came through it while Cordelia and the Prince were unconscious.

The police are outside the squat looking for the drug dealer. Angel and Connor fight him and his “colleagues”. The police and the drug dealers start shooting at each other. Angel tells Connor to escape through a window, but a police officer has a shotgun aimed at him. Angel uses himself to shield Connor and gets shot.

He gets up and escapes with Connor. Angel asks Connor to return to the hotel with him, but he declines. Connor leaves and finds Holtz, now looking old and more demon than human.

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