Angel Season 3 Episode 21 Benediction

Angel returns to the hotel and tells the gang that Connor is now Steven. The gang warn Angel that something else may have come through the rift. Connor is with his “father”, Holtz. Holtz and Connor talk about Angel. Holtz wants Connor to go to Angel and learn from him.

Fred is building a mystical geiger counter to determine if anything else came through the rift. Cordelia goes to talk to Angel. The Prince is still worried that she is more concerned about Angel than him.

Cordelia tells Angel that he is doing the right thing by letting Connor decide what to do, but he is worried that Connor might not come back to him. Angel believes that Connor hates him. Cordelia tries to reassure him that Connor will return.

Wesley gets an anonymous e-mail inviting him to a meeting. Fred’s geiger counter manages to “find” Steven standing in the entrance to the hotel. The gang leave Steven and Angel alone.

Cordelia has a vision of a woman in a club, in danger from vampires. Angel tells Steven that he has to go and that there will be killing and violence. He asks him if he would like to go with him.

Wesley is at the club for his meeting, which turns out to be with Lilah. Lilah points out Justine at the bar. Lilah has set-up Justine and the vampires. She invited Wesley along to see Justine die. Lilah wanted to see if Wesley would warn Justine or simply leave – a test.

Angel and Steven arrive. Steven wants to know why Angel kills vampires. Before Angel can answer, Justine sees him and is about to leave when she is attacked. Angel and Steven fight off the vampires, telling Justine to leave.

Steven follows a vampire outside and stakes it. He and Angel spar, with Holtz watching from a nearby balcony. Steven returns to Holtz.

Angel tells Cordelia how Steven fought and how they got on. She already knows, as she was able to go back into her vision and see the rest of the fight. Holtz tells Steven that it is time that he returned to Angel, time that Holtz gave him back. Steven is angry and thinks that Holtz has been deceived by Angel.

Fred and Gunn are tracking whatever came out of the rift. They see Steven leave the motel room, then Holtz closing the door.

Steven arrives at the hotel and starts insulting Lorne for being a demon. Cordelia intervenes and tells Connor that she is part demon. He tries to kill her, but her powers destroy his knife and envelop him, cleansing him of the demon dimension.

Angel suggests that Steven stay at the hotel, at his home. Fred and Gunn arrive, seconds after Angel has already realised that Holtz is back.

Justine finds Holtz. Angel has arranged for Fred and Gunn to take Steven out, while he visits Holtz. Cordelia doesn’t care if Angel kills Holtz, but tells him not to lie to Steven about it.

Holtz tells Justine that while he was in the demon dimension, he found that love is a stronger emotion than hate. He wants her to do one last thing for him.

Fred and Gunn take Steven to the beach. Steven’s hearing proves to be too good and, from a distance, he hears Fred and Gunn talking about what Angel is going to do. He runs off to find Holtz.

Cordelia is closing the office and mistakes the Prince for Angel.

Angel and Holtz talk, without much violence. Holtz tells Angel that he is giving Steven back to him. He gives him a letter he has written for Steven and Angel leaves. Angel reads the letter, a goodbye letter telling Steven that his destiny lies with Angel.

Holtz insists that Justine complete her last task for him, to kill him. She, under duress, stabs him twice in the throat with a thin knife.

When Steven finds Justine holding Holtz, now dead, he sees the two wounds in his neck and says “Angelus”.

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