Angel Season 3 Episode 22 Tomorrow

The Prince brings Cordelia a drink to relieve her tension, made from mud. Angel returns with news that Holtz wants Steven to return home with Angel. The Prince is not happy that Cordelia is happy for Angel.

Steven holds Holtz’s body and Justine claims that Angelus killed him. She volunteers to help kill Angelus, but Steven does not want to – not yet. Angel works his way through hotel rooms with Cordelia, trying to pick the perfect room for Steven. He is worried about getting on with Steven, but Cordelia reassures him that things will work out.

Lorne tells them that he is leaving for Las Vegas, to work in a club his friend runs. Lorne is not convinced he would be safe with Steven in the hotel. Steven decapitates Holtz, believing that he was bitten by Angelus, to ensure that he does not rise as a vampire.

Lilah finds Wesley in a bar, drinking. She tries, again, to convince him to join Wolfram and Hart. Steven and Justine burn Holtz’s body on a pyre. Fred and Gunn return to the hotel and tell Angel that Steven went in search of Holtz, just as Steven arrives. Steven claims that he has not seen Holtz.

Angel gives him the letter and he agrees to stay at the hotel. Steven wants Angel to train him, to learn how he fights. Angel agrees.

Cordelia returns home for a night with the Prince, but he tells her that she loves Angel and not him. Lorne says goodbye to Angel and leaves him a gift – he tells him that Cordelia feels the same way about him as he does about her.

Cordelia is unable to tell the Prince that she loves him and not Angel. The Prince leaves.

Angel and the rest of the gang are watching a war movie at a drive-in when a real helicopter comes from behind the screen. Wolfram and Hart commandos drop from it and attack them.

Lilah’s boss is watching from a nearby van. The commandos are beaten and abort the mission. Angel opens the van doors. Steven tells Lilah’s boss to leave his father alone and that his name is, now, Connor.

Cordelia, alone, talks to herself and then to a vision of herself. Her vision tells her that she is in love with Angel and that everything will be alright. The gang return to the hotel just as Cordelia rings. She arranges to meet Angel to talk.

Lilah leaves Wesley’s apartment after they have sex. Angel arrives for the meeting first. Cordelia is stuck in traffic. Time, literally, stops as Cordelia is driving.

Connor arrives at the meeting place and attacks Angel, using the skills Angel taught him against Angel. Skip, Cordelia’s demon guide from [S3-11 Birthday], arrives to tell her that she is a great warrior and has become a higher being. She realises that she will be taken from this dimension immediately. Too quickly.

Cordelia ascends Connor and Angel fight on the beach. Connor knocks Angel out, stabbing him and shocking him with a stun gun. Then he signals Justine on a boat.

Cordelia wants to talk to Angel before she leaves, but Skip tells her that she can’t. Connor and Justine seal Angel into a steel box. Connor tells Angel that he isn’t going to kill him, that Angel is going to live forever – trapped in the box.

Angel descends Cordelia agrees to go and is taken up into the sky in a beam of light. Connor and Justine weld the front of the box closed and drop it into the ocean.

Fred and Gunn are alone in the hotel, wondering where everyone else is. As Cordelia rises into the sky, Angel sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

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