Dr Who Season 27

Dr Who season 27 episode 1 is broadcast 16 years late and gets 9.9 million viewers. Season 28 is confirmed. Eccleston quits.

Brilliant… not. Although “Episode 161 – Rose” felt like all 8 episodes of Spearhead From Space and Terror of the Autons lumped into a single 45 minute episode, it wasn’t as bad a start as it could have been.

The last thing the new series needed was some wimp quitting one episode in because he feared being typecast after one season. If he felt like that, he should not have taken the job in the first place.

Personally, I hope that he is not allowed to do the regeneration scene after this farce.

Update: The last rumour I heard was that the BBC had a choice between paying CE’s wages for Season 28 and having special effects. If this is true, I apologise to Mr Eccleston for my earlier rant, as he was a good Doctor – it’s just a shame to waste another regeneration after the movie farce.

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