EBay Selling Personal Jet Packs

Is EBay selling personal jet packs?

Go to Google, search for “personal jet pack” (with the quotes) and look at the first two AdWords results (it may be slightly different for people outside of the UK)… They are for “personal jet pack’s” for sale on EBay – of course such things are not for sale, but their OTT advertising seems to have gone too far on this particular search term.

Of course, if I can get a personal jet pack for < 100 quid with a cost equivalent to 1000 MPG I may be interested 😉

However, this is a good example of how badly search engines are being infected by bogus and (plain wrong) results by results from both minor search engines that are indexed by larger engines and by big name, cash rich, corporates that can afford stupid CTR’s from high-cost adverts.

Half of the Google results these days are from other search engines and you can easily end up going through multiple search engines without ever getting to a page containing valid results unless you know the sites to ignore 🙁

I miss the days when Webcrawler was the king and search engine results were useful…