WordPress Z-URL Preview Plugin

Change Log:

2017-12-06 V2.0.0 Added URL validation and XSS checks
2017-08-18 V1.6.1 Changed suppress header tag option to re-enable title text
2017-07-14 V1.6.0 Added options to make main h2 header and/or image links.
2017-07-05 V1.5.8 Added option to suppress image and intro and to alter the link text
2017-01-02 V1.5.7 Added option to suppress header tag
2016-08-17 V1.5.6 Tested with WordPress 4.6 and TinyMCE Advanced Version 4.4.1
2016-08-15 V1.5.5 Clean up spacing before insert
2016-04-30 V1.5.4 Minor code clean up and tested with WordPress 4.5 and TinyMCE Advanced 4.3.8
2016-02-17 V1.5.3 Added page/post type filter for the “Media Button” option.
2016-02-16 V1.5.2 Added option to place the button in the “Media Button” row above the editor. Default to use PHP’s HTML Dom instead of regex’s.
2016-02-08 V1.5.1 Updated processing for “//” and “://” links without http(s) references. Added CURL debugging.
2016-01-21 v1.5.0 Rewrote the source parser to use PHP’s HTML Dom instead of regex’s. The default mode is the original, so you need to change the setting on the options page to enable this.
2016-01-19 v1.4.7 Select button row for icon
2016-01-12 V1.4.6 Adjust image path when site uses a relative link (without a leading slash) and the FQDN is entered without a trailing slash.
2016-01-09 V1.4.5 When adding a post, if the post title field is blank, the title of the retrieved page is inserted into the title field.
2015-09-05 v1.4.4 Changed title detection due to issues with BBC News website
2015-08-22 v1.4.3 Added option to control how/if the link opens a new window
2015-08-21 v1.4.2 Added source / link label option into settings
2015-08-17 v1.4.1 Corrected css path
2015-08-11 v1.4 Published
2015-08-10 v1.3 Fixes / Corrections to WP guidelines
2015-08-10 v1.2 Fixes / Corrections
2015-08-08 v1.1 Fixes / Updates
2015-08-06 v1.0 Initial Version

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