BBC: EU referendum: Did 1975 predictions come true?

BBC: “In its leaflet to voters, the Out campaign warned that the Common Market “sets out by stages to merge Britain with France, Germany, Italy and other countries into a single nation,” in which Britain would be a “mere province”.
The In campaign openly acknowledged that being a member of the EEC involved “pooling” sovereignty with the eight other nations who were members at the time.
But it said Britain could not go it alone in the modern world and it assured voters that British traditions and way of life were not under threat.
The In campaign also stressed that all the big decisions in Europe would be subject to a prime ministerial veto – something that no longer holds true 41 years later – and that there was no need for Community-wide laws apart from for a “few commercial and industrial purposes”. Today’s Leave campaigners would take issue with that “few”.”

EU referendum: Did 1975 predictions come true? – BBC News

Both sides in the 1975 European referendum made some bold claims – did any of them come true?



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