New Site… Again

New Site… Again

Maybe not a new site as such, but a new URL and layout. Most of the content has been loaded to the new site, but not all. The balance will follow over the next week.

[There appears to be a serious bug in the way in which the IE 5.x series of browsers handle complex mixtures of floating CSS elements – all the XHTML and CSS used on this site is valid. IE 5.x renders the Site Index page incorrectly – IE 5.5 is worse that IE 5.0. A workaround has been added to control the manner in which IE 5.x renders the Site Index page. However, this has forced the site to a fixed width, with a different Site Index page layout, for IE 5.x browsers. For users with working browsers, the site is completely dynamic – as it should be.]

The old version of this site was getting to be too time consuming to manage and too limiting in layout for some of the sections, particularly the episode guides. So, this new version is based on a CMS (Content Management System) which should free up some time and allow me to keep the content up to date – I hope 😉

The only downside is that some of the sections of the old version, e.g. the link checker and link sections, were my own scripts – which are incompatible with the CMS. So, they will need re-writing before they reappear on this version. But, they will be back.

I know that the new design does not work well under NS 4.x, but it is functional and NS 4.x is obselete anyway! FWIW it works better in NS 2 than NS 4.x 😉 I’ve tested the functionality under IE6, Opera 6 and Mozilla/NS6.x, with/without stylesheets and with/without images. I have found no significant issues.

If you find any, other, serious problems that prevent you from using the site, please contact me with details of the problem and your browser. Thanks.