Obituary: John Glenn

US Marine, the first American to orbit the Earth, US Senator, the oldest person to go to space. R.I.P. Obituary: John Glenn – BBC News The man who became a national hero as the first American to orbit the earth Source:

Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel

I don’t see how 55 passengers at $5000 each can make this commercially viable. However, it would be good to have supersonic flights again after a certain airline killed them… Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2.0 tester to restart supersonic travel Beardy & Co plan first commercial service by 2023 Source:

Concept Plane Could Travel From New York To London In Eleven Minutes

Completely impractical… 1 hour drive to the airport, an hour to park, 3 hours for check in, security and boarding (at least!!!) then half an hour to taxi, half an hour to get out of the airport’s airspace, no supersonic over land, so another hour, then 7 minutes across the Atlantic, then slow down for …

65,000-Piece Lego Concorde – Cool

65,000-Piece Lego Concorde Reveals all the Plane’s Inner Workings In addition to wowing us with a heartbreaking 120,000-piece model of the Titanic breaking in two, Ryan McNaught also spent the month of December building an incredibly-detailed model of an Air France Concorde that reveals all of the supersonic plane’s inner workings and details. Source: …

England to Australia in a Bi-plane

  Tracey Curtis-Taylor finishes epic bi-plane flight in Sydney – BBC News British aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor arrives in Australia, having completed an epic 14,600-nautical mile flight from the UK in a 1942 open cockpit bi-plane. Source:  

Concorde may fly again…

  Concorde may fly again by the end of the decade | The Verge Concorde, one of only two commercial supersonic jets ever created, may take to the skies again if an ambitious and dedicated crew of enthusiasts is successful in bringing it back from the dead…. Source:  

TSA Locks Compromised

  3D printer blueprints for TSA luggage-unlocking master keys leak online • The Register Source: