Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs

Want it or not, you’re gonna get the Windows 10 upgrade… which is probably a blessing if you were stuck with 8.x with your PC… Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs ‘Recommended’ update roll out starts here Source:  

Deleting files or folers with long path names in Windows

If you backup Linux files to Windows 10 (and earlier versions with robocopy) there will be times when Windows allows you to download and extract the tarball… then does not allow you to delete the resulting files due to “too long paths”, etc. “Normal” Windows tools don’t let you bypass this, but command prompt does. Launch …

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Torrent-U-Like updates GULP DOWN your precious bandwidth

“Feel like your network bandwidth is slipping away? Windows 10 could be the culprit. Microsoft’s new desktop operating system has employed a torrent-style approach to sharing updates with your fellow Windows 10 users. The OS employs a system of sharing updates between users’ PCs and across their own networks rather than download direct from Microsoft. …

How to disable Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense password sharing

Windows 10’s new Wi-Fi Sense feature is a powerful tool that takes the headache out of managing Wi-Fi connections on the run. With Wi-Fi Sense enabled, Windows 10 will automatically sign you into open Wi-Fi networks, as well as private networks that your, Skype, and Facebook contacts have logged into—so you won’t have to …

WAMP on Windows 8.1

Installing WAMP on Windows 8.1 on an alternative port. WAMP on Windows 8.1 As Windows seems to hog port 80, this is a useful guide to installing WAMP under Windows 8.1: